What Is A/B Testing

A/B testing is the process of creating various versions of the website and testing which ones appeal the customer more. Building a website with static pages and making the customers view them for years is no longer applicable to modern day world. New pages are being created on a daily basis in the ecommerce websites. Products which are sold out are removed and updated with new innovative items on an hourly basis. There are thousands of layouts to choose from for each page. A/B testing is the process of finding out the best website version with the maximum number of sales.

How is it done?

A website creating company creates a number of landing pages, email promotions and ads. They mix and match the various pages with different emails and ads. A customer receives an email with an attractive infographic advertising 50% sales in footwear. It takes him a landing page with hundreds of exclusive items. Similarly he remains another email in two or three days which takes him to another landing page, this too filled with various types of footwear but not the ones present in the previous page.

The customer gets the image that the store stocks as number of fresh pages. Besides ample useful data can be gathered from such varying landing pages like

  • The price range of the products which sell best in a particular demographic area
  • The color, graphic and text combination which creates most number of sales can be noted and the same theme applied in other promotional emails and advertisements
  • Data like what was the exact text used to generate a sale, what sort of call of action it prompted the customer to do can be gathered and used in further effective promotions

Usually two to three versions of a website are created and tested which performs better than the others. Focus group customers are made to answer what attracted them most about the website. Data collected from them and the data collected from the most selling pages are compared to find out the truth. A/B testing is slightly costlier than the normal website promotions. But, there are a number of companies ready to do it for you on a very cheap budget. A/B testing gives a chance for the companies to target customers based on various categories. They can get to know which style and price range a people in a particular region or an age group get attracted to very easily.

A/B testing pages can be designed specifically for emails and ads or for special sale offers. Pages earning maximum sale in emails can be linked to ads or likewise too. But, most companies prefer to rearrange a number of products on a frequent basis to make the customer feel they are browsing a fresh stock every time they enter the website. This makes them purchase it quickly without second thoughts as they will fear the product might not be available for sale after two or three days if they hesitate to buy it now.