Top Free Web Analytics Software

Website analytics tools provide an insight into your valuable web visitors who are really very important for the profit of business. With a track on the visitor’s log, it becomes easy to know the efficiency of the website and you can take the necessary actions based on that. There are people who might be searching for the best website analytics tool that are free to get their job done. The free and best web analytics software are listed here.Google Analytics

This name comes to mind first when we talk about the best web analytics software. This is the most effective tool that allows you to track various things such as page views, conversion rates, visitor information etc. Also you can set the goal in Google Analytics to have information regarding return on investment, revenue per click, profit margin etc. Adding it in the website is very easy that involve placing a small piece of java script in each page that you want to examine. This tool is completely free.Piwik

Piwik is free and an open source software. This web analytics software keeps on gathering information and share that with their client. Custom plug-ins inside this tool is an exciting feature that allows you to design the plug-ins and you can display the customizable information about the visitors. This software is needed to be installed in the web server along with adding a short java script on each page that you want to monitor.Clicky

Clicky is a free service for well tracking the visitors in your website. You can track about 3000 page views each day in one website. The gathered information will be accessible to you for 30 days. It has many more other interesting features like individual visitor tracking, filtering etc. but you need to pay some amount for these. However with the free service only you can gather a lot of information. Overall this service offer great support to get most of the work done.

In conclusion, there are a vast variety of web analytics software tools out there and finding one that meets your needs is important. Try these free website analytics tools and find the one that can help your website grow.