Top 5 URL Shorteners For Marketing, Twitter And Facebook

Best URL shorteners

URL shorteners such as tinyurl and transform the longer URLs into manageable links with maximum of 20 characters. These services are not new, Tinyurl is in the market since 2002, but with the rise of Twitter, the URL shortening services are also getting popular as Twitter allows only 140 characters in any message.

Here are some of the best URL shortening websites and benefits of using them: is another URL shortening site that lets you track and keep the details of your links if you have any account. This is of course a plus advantage of using this site. In this URL shortening site, you will find a shorten button next to a text field. Upon clicking on this button, a link will be displayed to you in few seconds. Then to get details you will have to click “Info Page+” option. The details have the number of shares and recent tweets about the link. There is also option to see the location, referrers and traffic of the link.

Tiny URL

Tiny URL is one of the best URL shorteners, that offers lots of features for URL shortening. It also gives you an option to add Tiny URL to your toolbar so that you can make a Tiny URL with just a single click. Though this website is great but one disadvantage is that you will not be able to see the details of the tiny URL that you make. However, overall it’s a great site and you must visit it once. is without doubt the best URL shortening site by Google, the biggest search engine. You just need to enter the URL that you want to be shortened and within a few seconds the link will be displayed. If the link is created when you are logged in into your Google account, you will get option to build a history of your short URLs. The benefits of using site is that it shows the details of the short URLs such as the number of times the short URL is been clicked, the visitors’ profile, referrer of the click, etc. has both pros and cons. The great thing is you can earn money whenever someone visits the short URL. The payment is done through Alertpay and PayPal after reaching $5. But the negative point is that an ad of 5 seconds is shown before the short URL reaches its main page. After 5 seconds, you can click “Skip add” and the main page will be shown. So if you want to get rid of the ads of 5 seconds, then the other four URL shorteners are better option.