The Top 5 Website Landing Page Software Services

As the internet became an increasingly competitive platform for doing business, new techniques and strategies to tackle effective competition also emerges on a daily basis. Linking landing pages to email and PPC clicks is one such technique. Traditionally, companies advertised about their product and the visitors simply clicked on the links which led them to the home page. Be it a cosmetics site or an ecommerce site, this was the trend. The home page of the website was the sole destination of the visitor clicks be it an email, ad, social media promotional banner or whatever type of advertising it might be.

As the size of the ecommerce stores grew and the home page loaded with ample details about every product the company sells took long time to load, several customers lost interest in them. Even customers clicking on the email attracted by its unique marketing inforgraphic often lose patience waiting for the huge home page to load and navigating from there to the desired object. Besides it is impossible to find the category the advertised product is listed. Most of the clicks directed to the home page did not convert into a sale because of this navigation issue.

That is when attractive landing pages started to appear. These website landing pages will contain a plethora of objects that are offered on sale that particular day. The customer will be presented one single huge page similar to the one in Pinterest. Each item will have a buy now button at the bottom. The emails advertising about a sale of a tunic will take the customers to a page that shows a number of attractive tunics, mostly arranged in small grids. Quick loading time and no necessity to navigate plus a number of products presented at a time just by scrolling instead of clicking on a number of pages urged many customers to buy more.Landing pages can be created in no time as advanced ecommerce applications are available to create them. The top 5 website landing page creating service offering companies are Wishpond Landerapp

All you need to do is add the images or videos, type in a description and select a layout. If you are ready to pay a subscription to these companies, they will do it for you on a regular basis with guaranteed Return on Investment. Most of these companies offer free trial for up to a fortnight. The customer can play with their tools and try to create a website landing page themselves. They can subscribe with them only if they are actually satisfied.

The shop owner can create any number of website landing pages each time they offer a sale or want to advertise their new product. Customers who receive their email or come across their attractive ads will be directly led to the product advertised. It saves time for the customers and the users. Besides the website owners get a chance to create product based advertisements rather than website based adverts.