The Power Of A Website Heatmap

Website Heatmaps – A Visual way to Track What Your Visitors Do Most

What is a website heatmap and why should I care? It’s a common question asked by website owners. If you’ve ever wondered why your website visitors don’t convert into customers, a website heatmap will tell you why. So what do they do? Website heatmaps are designed to help in tracking the mouse movements and eye movements of a viewer in the website. And why do we have to track it so diligently? Because knowing what is viewed most in the website will give an idea about what the customers expect in each website. The factors less viewed can be eliminated and the ones which are looked upon with interest can be increased considerably to retain unique visitors and keep growing their numbers substantially.

What are Website Heatmaps?

Website heatmaps uses unique thermal mapping to track the movements of the eye on a particular website and the movement of the mouse. Many of us have often seen the contents on the website being displayed mostly on the left side with huge blank spaces on the right side. This is a feature deducted by heatmaps. Heatmaps testing pointed out only content on the right side of the website get 90% attention. Hence, the blank space on the right side is used mostly for advertisements. These heatmaps help the website owners detect the activity of the user during the time they spent on their website. Website improvement activities are planned based on this data. Numerous important data like people mostly read website in an F shaped pattern, people follow the direction where the model in the image looks and using visually stunning images to capture attention than content developed by analyzing heatmaps. Heatmaps can be used in controlled labs to test the eye movements of the focus group or embedded in website coding to track the mouse movement of the user.

How Is It Beneficial To Website Owners?

Website owners learned a great deal about what captures the audience only through website heatmaps. For example, several people relied on banner advertisements. But, their enormous growth made the customers reject anything that looked similar to a banner in a certain time. The concept of banner advertisement started losing value then. Similarly heatmaps revealed summaries of content get more views than the actual article. This led to an enormous revolution in content writing with superb, keyword oriented summaries flocking the pages. Heatmaps also rightly pointed out customers buy what they see, not what they read about. Such useful data make website heatmaps a very useful tool for website owners building new profit oriented sites.

How Can They Increase Customer Experience?

Website viewers get better attractive websites. The content is streamlined to provide only useful information for them and all unwanted ads and extra gimmicks are completely removed. Eyes tracking heatmaps usually tested upon a controlled group serve as a great chance for website viewers to communicate what they like and what they dislike directly with the website designers. Overall heatmaps helps them in gaining a better web viewing experience. This brings down the time of enormous searches and presents information to them within minutes in a very short format. Most common users are unaware of heatmaps. But, those who know about it do not underestimate its role in making internet what it is today.