Spy On Your Competitors Marketing With Spyfu and SEM Rush

All of us are aware of Google Ad words. Keywords are an important part of SEO. There are several tools which let you find excellent keywords which will increase your page view drastically. Spyfu and SEM Rush take you a step ahead of others allowing you to dig upon smart keyword search. When you decide to use a keyword, Spyfu lets you know who else is using the same keyword and how much they earned out of it. SEMRush helps you understand who is the most profitable user of the keyword and lists you the ways to use it similarly.

What are Spyfu and SEM Rush?

Both Spyfu and SEMRush are competitor websites which help in SEO research. Increasing the rank of the website is quite important to gain good profits. These tools help in doing exactly that by providing extensive keyword research assistance. Spyfu has features like keyword smart search, Ad history and Kombat. These features help in identifying the top competitors using the same keyword and tracking their activities like which other keywords they are using. This helps the website owners to make their campaign unique.

SEMRush works in similar way providing details about how much traffic other users of a specific keyword are getting. It also guides us regarding finding new effective keywords and getting better advertisements using Catchy keyword phrases. They present two reports one stating “Phrase match report” and “Related keywords report”.

How effectively they can be used?

Website owners can only survive in the business if they give enough importance to metrics and work diligently to improve the page views and hits. Call to action and conversion rate measurements should be constantly analyzed on a daily basis. Tools like Spyfu and    play a vital role in optimizing the website and increasing the page rank with the support of extensive research. These tools are valuable for every website owner because they help track the right keywords no matter what the search engine might be and provide reports about the tracking constantly. Updated reports about the competitors and our performance on a regular basis help us know where we stand and improve ourselves. Further, we also learn the new emerging trends in the market and know what is happening in the enemy fort sitting in our living room.

Increasing page views is only possible if we rank high in the search engine list. Spyfu and SEMRush provide the keywords necessary to increase our page rank using complex algorithms and sophisticated filtering of irrelevant words. SEMRush is widely considered a better tool than Spyfu. It is affordable and easy to use. They provide better reports than Spyfu. On the other hand, Spyfu Ad history is a very impressive feature which helps in identifying the right keywords which will fetch you more unique customers and advertisements than ever. In addition to tracking competitors’ activities, it also let us know about the constant users’ activity so that we might understand the nature of our target visitors in a better way.