How To Grow Your Email List

Grow Your Email List with Pop Ups and Landing Pages

Just as it is with money, the number of leads your website captures never quite seem to be enough! So trying new techniques and methods in a fast adapting and changing market is a necessity. A few ways to increase leads on your websites are through pop ups and landing pages. This article will give you a few useful insights and ideas about both!

Pop Ups

First let’s take pop ups. If you think they are more annoying than anything in the world, you may be right. A clear majority of internet users have a very negative feedback about pop ups. According to a survey by the Nielsen Norman Group about most hated marketing techniques on the web, pop ups emerged to be the number one most hated technique. 95% users were against them.

But there is good reason that pop ups are still around. They have an excellent conversion rate! In fact, they increase your conversion rate dramatically! WPBeginner even managed to increased their rate 600% in one month by using pop ups!

Here are some tips for using pop ups:

  1. Who is your target audience?

The people who visit your website do so because it caters to their interests. Use those interests to your advantage. Offer them incentives, which will make them want to give in their details and personal data and visit your website again as well.

  1. It’s all about timing!

There is a reason that pop ups are number one on the list of negative browsing experiences. They are intrusive nuisances when they pop up when you are live streaming your favorite show or browsing web pages of your interest. So make sure you time them well. Identify what is the best time to approach the user first and then design your page to make them feel valued and cared for!

  1. Be concise

Yes, you need information. But do you need it all at once? No. Don’t have pop ups which ask for too much information. All you need is you customers’ consent to market to them. For this, their E-mail addresses are enough. Asking for too much information makes the customer feel intruded upon, and they feel uncomfortable sharing their personal information with you.

Landing Pages

Now let’s discuss landing pages. A landing page is the page the customers ‘land’ on when they visit the website. Many websites use their landing pages to garner personal information of their customers by offering some incentive in return. There are many tactful ways and techniques to do this. Some of them are as follows:

  • Offer Newsletters

This is the most common practice used to gather leads by this technique. Offer your newsletter in exchange for personal information. This is excellent for lead collection but do make sure that, if you plan to use those leads for marketing, add an asterisk or two and make it clear in those tiny letters at the bottom of the page.

  • Offer an E-book!

If a weekly or monthly newsletter is too much for you, write four or five small chapters and make an ebook. Then you can offer your ebook to gain leads. This has the added advantage of the leads being relevant to your business.

  • Offer a discount coupon

Discount coupons can be an excellent means to bring traffic to your website if you run an e-commerce website. You can offer to mail people a coupon they can use at a physical store in exchange for their e-mail addresses or you could offer a percentage discount on your website available after an activation link is sent to an e-mail address. Another very common practice in the field is to market affiliation. In this, a discount has to be offered to the customer as well as the affiliate, but it does get desired results!

So the bottom line here is that whichever method you decide to adopt, do it tactfully. Content of your page should be quality. People should know why they are giving you their details and how it will benefit them! SmartInsights claim that people tend to remember things in groups of three more than in any other combination. So figure out which three things you want your brand to be associated with in your customers’ minds and go harness as much leads as you can!