How To Install Google Webmaster Tools

google webmaster tools

One of the most important things to do as a new website owner is to install google webmaster tools.  From here you can upload your website sitemaps, see search queries, organize your site structure and much more. It’s another great tool that Google provides us for free. Whether you’re already using Google Analytics or not, webmaster tools provides insights into the queries of what your visitors are searching for while finding your website.

Getting started with Google Webmaster Tools

Installing takes only about 5 minutes and the benefits can be seen almost immediately.  To get started with setting up your google webmaster tools; start here :

1) Go to :  & click on “Sign in to webmaster tools”

2) Now it’s time to add your website, click on the top right hand corner and click add website :

3) Google will now provide you clear instructions on how to get your website recognized by webmaster tools.  Simply, download their HTML page that they provide, upload to your webserver and click click the verify button.  It’s that easy.