Top 5 URL Shorteners For Marketing, Twitter And Facebook

Best URL shorteners

URL shorteners such as tinyurl and transform the longer URLs into manageable links with maximum of 20 characters. These services are not new, Tinyurl is in the market since 2002, but with the rise of Twitter, the URL shortening services are also getting popular as Twitter allows only 140 characters in any message.

Here are some of the best URL shortening websites and benefits of using them: is another URL shortening site that lets you track and keep the details of your links if you have any account. This is of course a plus advantage of using this site. In this URL shortening site, you will find a shorten button next to a text field. Upon clicking on this button, a link will be displayed to you in few seconds. Then to get details you will have to click “Info Page+” option. The details have the number of shares and recent tweets about the link. There is also option to see the location, referrers and traffic of the link.

Tiny URL

Tiny URL is one of the best URL shorteners, that offers lots of features for URL shortening. It also gives you an option to add Tiny URL to your toolbar so that you can make a Tiny URL with just a single click. Though this website is great but one disadvantage is that you will not be able to see the details of the tiny URL that you make. However, overall it’s a great site and you must visit it once. is without doubt the best URL shortening site by Google, the biggest search engine. You just need to enter the URL that you want to be shortened and within a few seconds the link will be displayed. If the link is created when you are logged in into your Google account, you will get option to build a history of your short URLs. The benefits of using site is that it shows the details of the short URLs such as the number of times the short URL is been clicked, the visitors’ profile, referrer of the click, etc. has both pros and cons. The great thing is you can earn money whenever someone visits the short URL. The payment is done through Alertpay and PayPal after reaching $5. But the negative point is that an ad of 5 seconds is shown before the short URL reaches its main page. After 5 seconds, you can click “Skip add” and the main page will be shown. So if you want to get rid of the ads of 5 seconds, then the other four URL shorteners are better option.


5 Tips To Increase Website Traffic

There are literally billions of different web pages on the internet. No matter what you are looking after, you will be facing thousands of results and as hard it is for a person that is looking for something to get through those results, it may be even harder if you are a business owner that is trying to promote a business and get new buyers on its site.

It is hard to promote a business online, but it is not impossible. It will take some time and effort, but it can definitely pay out. Once you promote your business as it should be promoted, you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your hard work. So, what are the best ways to promote your business online and get some website traffic there? The good news is that there is not all about money. There are ways to increase website traffic to your website which require mostly some time and good will.

1. You may consider trying to write articles and blogs. Of course, the theme should be relevant to your business. That way you will be able to talk about your business without imposing. Make sure you create a good and appealing headline because it may attract people to start reading the article. Let the article be interesting, rich in content and don’t copy articles from other sites. Write articles of different length and at least once in a week. All of your articles should be tagged and described so that people can easily find them. Create good connections with other bloggers and build good links.

2. It would be great if you place call for actions in your articles. If people feel like you are interested in their opinion, they will more likely going to buy your products and promote you with their friends. If they leave comments, reply to them. There is no need to reply on all comments, but if you feel there is something you have to say; do it. Interact on other sites and blogs. There is no need to leave a link to your site, but if you create meaningful and interesting comments, people will find you. Post on other blogs and encourage other bloggers to post on yours.

3. Classic advertising is also a good way to increase website traffic, but you may need some money for it. Pay per click is a method where you actually buy clicks for your page to get a better position on search engines. Printed mediums, such as local newspapers, yellow pages, brochures, fliers and so on are also good ideas. Find places to leave your materials, such as local restaurants, library, gas station, and definitely think about stickers for your car to make it a moving advertise.

4. Don’t forget social media. They are a great way to promote your brand and increase website traffic. Create your profile on several media, such as Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter and be active there.

5. Finally, even if you attracted people to your site, there is no use if you don’t keep them there. Make sure your page is well designed, simple and easy to navigate. Let it be updated and don’t forget first class pictures. If it is necessary, hire a professional photographer. It will cost, but no doubt it will pay off.


Top 5 Email Marketing Software Tools

email marketing software

It’s not easy to promote your business online. There are plenty of obstacles you can find on that way, and every way of promotion has some benefits and disadvantages. An email campaign is one of the most effective ways to promote, according to experts and finding the best email marketing software can be difficult. With our top 5 list we have made it simple to find the best tool for the job. Of course there are literally hundreds of email marketing solutions, so, in order to help you choose, here are the top 5 according to experts.

1) Mailchimp


If you choose Mail Chimp, you will get very simple, but effective email marketing software to work with. You can choose between the free version and paid one, which will cost you between 15 and 240 USD per month. The free version supports 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month. If you need more, you will have to pay it. It contains all usual tools to create, manage and track your email campaigns. You can use it on most mobile platforms and integrate it with many apps. If you need support, you will have to deal with the self-service, since there is no live support.

2) iContact


It is very simple to work with iContact. There are several predefined models you can use. All you have to do is add a list of emails from your customers. This is a great solution for all beginners and those who do not need some sophisticated solutions. If you need them, there are tools you can use. Free version can work with 500 subscribers and 2,000 emails per month. For more than that, you will have to pay 10 USD for every 500 more subscribers and it can go up to 699 USD per month for 100,000 subscribers. There are several self-service support options and if you need it, there is a live phone support as well.

3) Aweber


If you are looking after cheap and simple email marketing tool, you should definitely try Aweber. The price starts at 19 USD per month and goes up to 149 USD, but you can get a lot for that amount of money. There are several simple templates and segmentation capabilities you can choose from, which makes this tool interesting to all companies which are looking after a cheap, but effective hosted solution to create and track different email campaigns. Unfortunately, it does not support mobile platforms and you can’t upload pictures to their server.

4) Constant Contact

constant contact

Small companies which are just starting their email marketing campaign should consider Constant Contact since it is their specialty. You can upload documents and images to the Constant Contact service, all together in 5 MB of space. If you need it, you can buy more space, as well as some advanced sorting, social media, photo and management features. Price starts at 15 USD per month to 150 USD per month for up to 25,000 subscribers. For that money; you can launch an unlimited number of campaigns. All this comes in a package with a first class customers support for your email marketing software.

5) Campaign Monitor

campaign monitor

Campaign Monitor is offering you a very simple way to upload your data and pictures, create very appealing emails and send them to people from your subscribers list. Once it is done, it will create simple and understandable reports for you. Only problem is the price; it starts from 29 USD per month and if you want to send unlimited number of emails the cost will be much higher. However, many business owners think it is worth it for their email marketing software needs.

In conclusion, finding the best email marketing software can be difficult but with our list of the top 5 we have found, you can be sure that you now have the best solutions out there.


How To Install Google Webmaster Tools

google webmaster tools

One of the most important things to do as a new website owner is to install google webmaster tools.  From here you can upload your website sitemaps, see search queries, organize your site structure and much more. It’s another great tool that Google provides us for free. Whether you’re already using Google Analytics or not, webmaster tools provides insights into the queries of what your visitors are searching for while finding your website.

Getting started with Google Webmaster Tools

Installing takes only about 5 minutes and the benefits can be seen almost immediately.  To get started with setting up your google webmaster tools; start here :

1) Go to :  & click on “Sign in to webmaster tools”

2) Now it’s time to add your website, click on the top right hand corner and click add website :

3) Google will now provide you clear instructions on how to get your website recognized by webmaster tools.  Simply, download their HTML page that they provide, upload to your webserver and click click the verify button.  It’s that easy.


What Is A/B Testing

A/B testing is the process of creating various versions of the website and testing which ones appeal the customer more. Building a website with static pages and making the customers view them for years is no longer applicable to modern day world. New pages are being created on a daily basis in the ecommerce websites. Products which are sold out are removed and updated with new innovative items on an hourly basis. There are thousands of layouts to choose from for each page. A/B testing is the process of finding out the best website version with the maximum number of sales.

How is it done?

A website creating company creates a number of landing pages, email promotions and ads. They mix and match the various pages with different emails and ads. A customer receives an email with an attractive infographic advertising 50% sales in footwear. It takes him a landing page with hundreds of exclusive items. Similarly he remains another email in two or three days which takes him to another landing page, this too filled with various types of footwear but not the ones present in the previous page.

The customer gets the image that the store stocks as number of fresh pages. Besides ample useful data can be gathered from such varying landing pages like

  • The price range of the products which sell best in a particular demographic area
  • The color, graphic and text combination which creates most number of sales can be noted and the same theme applied in other promotional emails and advertisements
  • Data like what was the exact text used to generate a sale, what sort of call of action it prompted the customer to do can be gathered and used in further effective promotions

Usually two to three versions of a website are created and tested which performs better than the others. Focus group customers are made to answer what attracted them most about the website. Data collected from them and the data collected from the most selling pages are compared to find out the truth. A/B testing is slightly costlier than the normal website promotions. But, there are a number of companies ready to do it for you on a very cheap budget. A/B testing gives a chance for the companies to target customers based on various categories. They can get to know which style and price range a people in a particular region or an age group get attracted to very easily.

A/B testing pages can be designed specifically for emails and ads or for special sale offers. Pages earning maximum sale in emails can be linked to ads or likewise too. But, most companies prefer to rearrange a number of products on a frequent basis to make the customer feel they are browsing a fresh stock every time they enter the website. This makes them purchase it quickly without second thoughts as they will fear the product might not be available for sale after two or three days if they hesitate to buy it now.


Best Social Media Management Tools

Top 3 Social Media Management Tools  

Social media management is becoming an increasingly time consuming and expertise requiring job. Each person is a member in at least half a dozen social media sites starting from Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest, LinkedIn and many more. Maintaining them and staying updated among the friends circle is becoming increasingly cumbersome even for personal users. The companies which promote their products in social media face a tough time hovering through a plethora of such sites. Social Media Managers often rely upon tools which allow them to paste updates and news across multiple social media platforms at a time. They schedule the posts to be posted at a frequent interval on all the social media sites. There are a number of efficient tools which can get this done in no time. Here is the list of top 3 social media management tools which will save frequent social media users time and effort considerably.


Buffer is probably the most widely used application to conduct contest across various social media platforms together. The postings regarding the arrival of a contest, viral videos which create an expectation about the contest, the contest announcement, result everything can be scheduled using their Buffer. Once they are uploaded in Buffer, the user can share it across any number of the social media platforms. The contest announcement about your company product will flood the Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and every other namable social media tool at a time.


Hootsuite is a similar site. But, it is used mostly to schedule postings and monitor the comments and conversations. They also provide useful analytics about the campaign like how many people have viewed it from a particular city, what can be done to increase its reach in the low visit areas etc.

Social Flow

Social Flow is a professional application which lets the user manage which post should be posted when. They analyze the nature of the business and the key traffic time of the targeted area and post it in the social media when most of the target customers are online. Besides it sends an alert to the customer regarding the new tweet or a message regarding the post. They are used by exclusive clients like the National Geographic group. They provide precise details on how much the customer has invested and how many sales they have generated. Besides they also guarantee quick accumulation of quality followers who will turn into potential buying clients for your company products in a short while.

Social media management tools help in managing a campaign or a contest efficiently for huge companies. They simply transform the social media from being an entertainment site into a professional marketing platform with their proficient approach. Tool like social flow will help any company understand their customers better and design their marketing approach around their tailored needs. This prevents investing unnecessarily and the getting perfect return on investment for every penny spent on marketing and campaigning. The advancements in such tools are an example of social media’s increasing influence in the web.


Top Free Web Analytics Software

Website analytics tools provide an insight into your valuable web visitors who are really very important for the profit of business. With a track on the visitor’s log, it becomes easy to know the efficiency of the website and you can take the necessary actions based on that. There are people who might be searching for the best website analytics tool that are free to get their job done. The free and best web analytics software are listed here.Google Analytics

This name comes to mind first when we talk about the best web analytics software. This is the most effective tool that allows you to track various things such as page views, conversion rates, visitor information etc. Also you can set the goal in Google Analytics to have information regarding return on investment, revenue per click, profit margin etc. Adding it in the website is very easy that involve placing a small piece of java script in each page that you want to examine. This tool is completely free.Piwik

Piwik is free and an open source software. This web analytics software keeps on gathering information and share that with their client. Custom plug-ins inside this tool is an exciting feature that allows you to design the plug-ins and you can display the customizable information about the visitors. This software is needed to be installed in the web server along with adding a short java script on each page that you want to monitor.Clicky

Clicky is a free service for well tracking the visitors in your website. You can track about 3000 page views each day in one website. The gathered information will be accessible to you for 30 days. It has many more other interesting features like individual visitor tracking, filtering etc. but you need to pay some amount for these. However with the free service only you can gather a lot of information. Overall this service offer great support to get most of the work done.

In conclusion, there are a vast variety of web analytics software tools out there and finding one that meets your needs is important. Try these free website analytics tools and find the one that can help your website grow.


The Top 5 Website Landing Page Software Services

As the internet became an increasingly competitive platform for doing business, new techniques and strategies to tackle effective competition also emerges on a daily basis. Linking landing pages to email and PPC clicks is one such technique. Traditionally, companies advertised about their product and the visitors simply clicked on the links which led them to the home page. Be it a cosmetics site or an ecommerce site, this was the trend. The home page of the website was the sole destination of the visitor clicks be it an email, ad, social media promotional banner or whatever type of advertising it might be.

As the size of the ecommerce stores grew and the home page loaded with ample details about every product the company sells took long time to load, several customers lost interest in them. Even customers clicking on the email attracted by its unique marketing inforgraphic often lose patience waiting for the huge home page to load and navigating from there to the desired object. Besides it is impossible to find the category the advertised product is listed. Most of the clicks directed to the home page did not convert into a sale because of this navigation issue.

That is when attractive landing pages started to appear. These website landing pages will contain a plethora of objects that are offered on sale that particular day. The customer will be presented one single huge page similar to the one in Pinterest. Each item will have a buy now button at the bottom. The emails advertising about a sale of a tunic will take the customers to a page that shows a number of attractive tunics, mostly arranged in small grids. Quick loading time and no necessity to navigate plus a number of products presented at a time just by scrolling instead of clicking on a number of pages urged many customers to buy more.Landing pages can be created in no time as advanced ecommerce applications are available to create them. The top 5 website landing page creating service offering companies are Wishpond Landerapp

All you need to do is add the images or videos, type in a description and select a layout. If you are ready to pay a subscription to these companies, they will do it for you on a regular basis with guaranteed Return on Investment. Most of these companies offer free trial for up to a fortnight. The customer can play with their tools and try to create a website landing page themselves. They can subscribe with them only if they are actually satisfied.

The shop owner can create any number of website landing pages each time they offer a sale or want to advertise their new product. Customers who receive their email or come across their attractive ads will be directly led to the product advertised. It saves time for the customers and the users. Besides the website owners get a chance to create product based advertisements rather than website based adverts.


Spy On Your Competitors Marketing With Spyfu and SEM Rush

All of us are aware of Google Ad words. Keywords are an important part of SEO. There are several tools which let you find excellent keywords which will increase your page view drastically. Spyfu and SEM Rush take you a step ahead of others allowing you to dig upon smart keyword search. When you decide to use a keyword, Spyfu lets you know who else is using the same keyword and how much they earned out of it. SEMRush helps you understand who is the most profitable user of the keyword and lists you the ways to use it similarly.

What are Spyfu and SEM Rush?

Both Spyfu and SEMRush are competitor websites which help in SEO research. Increasing the rank of the website is quite important to gain good profits. These tools help in doing exactly that by providing extensive keyword research assistance. Spyfu has features like keyword smart search, Ad history and Kombat. These features help in identifying the top competitors using the same keyword and tracking their activities like which other keywords they are using. This helps the website owners to make their campaign unique.

SEMRush works in similar way providing details about how much traffic other users of a specific keyword are getting. It also guides us regarding finding new effective keywords and getting better advertisements using Catchy keyword phrases. They present two reports one stating “Phrase match report” and “Related keywords report”.

How effectively they can be used?

Website owners can only survive in the business if they give enough importance to metrics and work diligently to improve the page views and hits. Call to action and conversion rate measurements should be constantly analyzed on a daily basis. Tools like Spyfu and    play a vital role in optimizing the website and increasing the page rank with the support of extensive research. These tools are valuable for every website owner because they help track the right keywords no matter what the search engine might be and provide reports about the tracking constantly. Updated reports about the competitors and our performance on a regular basis help us know where we stand and improve ourselves. Further, we also learn the new emerging trends in the market and know what is happening in the enemy fort sitting in our living room.

Increasing page views is only possible if we rank high in the search engine list. Spyfu and SEMRush provide the keywords necessary to increase our page rank using complex algorithms and sophisticated filtering of irrelevant words. SEMRush is widely considered a better tool than Spyfu. It is affordable and easy to use. They provide better reports than Spyfu. On the other hand, Spyfu Ad history is a very impressive feature which helps in identifying the right keywords which will fetch you more unique customers and advertisements than ever. In addition to tracking competitors’ activities, it also let us know about the constant users’ activity so that we might understand the nature of our target visitors in a better way.


The Power Of A Website Heatmap

Website Heatmaps – A Visual way to Track What Your Visitors Do Most

What is a website heatmap and why should I care? It’s a common question asked by website owners. If you’ve ever wondered why your website visitors don’t convert into customers, a website heatmap will tell you why. So what do they do? Website heatmaps are designed to help in tracking the mouse movements and eye movements of a viewer in the website. And why do we have to track it so diligently? Because knowing what is viewed most in the website will give an idea about what the customers expect in each website. The factors less viewed can be eliminated and the ones which are looked upon with interest can be increased considerably to retain unique visitors and keep growing their numbers substantially.

What are Website Heatmaps?

Website heatmaps uses unique thermal mapping to track the movements of the eye on a particular website and the movement of the mouse. Many of us have often seen the contents on the website being displayed mostly on the left side with huge blank spaces on the right side. This is a feature deducted by heatmaps. Heatmaps testing pointed out only content on the right side of the website get 90% attention. Hence, the blank space on the right side is used mostly for advertisements. These heatmaps help the website owners detect the activity of the user during the time they spent on their website. Website improvement activities are planned based on this data. Numerous important data like people mostly read website in an F shaped pattern, people follow the direction where the model in the image looks and using visually stunning images to capture attention than content developed by analyzing heatmaps. Heatmaps can be used in controlled labs to test the eye movements of the focus group or embedded in website coding to track the mouse movement of the user.

How Is It Beneficial To Website Owners?

Website owners learned a great deal about what captures the audience only through website heatmaps. For example, several people relied on banner advertisements. But, their enormous growth made the customers reject anything that looked similar to a banner in a certain time. The concept of banner advertisement started losing value then. Similarly heatmaps revealed summaries of content get more views than the actual article. This led to an enormous revolution in content writing with superb, keyword oriented summaries flocking the pages. Heatmaps also rightly pointed out customers buy what they see, not what they read about. Such useful data make website heatmaps a very useful tool for website owners building new profit oriented sites.

How Can They Increase Customer Experience?

Website viewers get better attractive websites. The content is streamlined to provide only useful information for them and all unwanted ads and extra gimmicks are completely removed. Eyes tracking heatmaps usually tested upon a controlled group serve as a great chance for website viewers to communicate what they like and what they dislike directly with the website designers. Overall heatmaps helps them in gaining a better web viewing experience. This brings down the time of enormous searches and presents information to them within minutes in a very short format. Most common users are unaware of heatmaps. But, those who know about it do not underestimate its role in making internet what it is today.