Best Social Media Management Tools

Top 3 Social Media Management Tools  

Social media management is becoming an increasingly time consuming and expertise requiring job. Each person is a member in at least half a dozen social media sites starting from Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest, LinkedIn and many more. Maintaining them and staying updated among the friends circle is becoming increasingly cumbersome even for personal users. The companies which promote their products in social media face a tough time hovering through a plethora of such sites. Social Media Managers often rely upon tools which allow them to paste updates and news across multiple social media platforms at a time. They schedule the posts to be posted at a frequent interval on all the social media sites. There are a number of efficient tools which can get this done in no time. Here is the list of top 3 social media management tools which will save frequent social media users time and effort considerably.


Buffer is probably the most widely used application to conduct contest across various social media platforms together. The postings regarding the arrival of a contest, viral videos which create an expectation about the contest, the contest announcement, result everything can be scheduled using their Buffer. Once they are uploaded in Buffer, the user can share it across any number of the social media platforms. The contest announcement about your company product will flood the Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and every other namable social media tool at a time.


Hootsuite is a similar site. But, it is used mostly to schedule postings and monitor the comments and conversations. They also provide useful analytics about the campaign like how many people have viewed it from a particular city, what can be done to increase its reach in the low visit areas etc.

Social Flow

Social Flow is a professional application which lets the user manage which post should be posted when. They analyze the nature of the business and the key traffic time of the targeted area and post it in the social media when most of the target customers are online. Besides it sends an alert to the customer regarding the new tweet or a message regarding the post. They are used by exclusive clients like the National Geographic group. They provide precise details on how much the customer has invested and how many sales they have generated. Besides they also guarantee quick accumulation of quality followers who will turn into potential buying clients for your company products in a short while.

Social media management tools help in managing a campaign or a contest efficiently for huge companies. They simply transform the social media from being an entertainment site into a professional marketing platform with their proficient approach. Tool like social flow will help any company understand their customers better and design their marketing approach around their tailored needs. This prevents investing unnecessarily and the getting perfect return on investment for every penny spent on marketing and campaigning. The advancements in such tools are an example of social media’s increasing influence in the web.