What Is a Heatmap

A question that we often get is “what is a heatmap?”, with this being our core competency at Hoverowl, we love helping our customers understand heatmaps and how they can leverage them to increase sales on their website.

Simply put a website heatmap is a report that aggregates a collection of mouse movements and clicks on your website, so you can get a thirty thousand foot view of how your visitors interact with your website. With a website heatmap, the colors are very similar to what you’d see while watching a weather report of a storm or temperature. Website heatmaps work in a very similar way, the hotter the area looks, is the area of your website that more visitors have focused on.

So how do I apply this to my website?

With Hoverowl you can get started easily by signing up for our free 14 day trial at any time, once you have our software installed you’re ready to go. When viewing your website heatmap reports; it’s important to focus on your call-to-actions on your website. Where do you want your visitors to focus on? Once you’ve identified that; check your website heatmap and see if your visitors are actually interacting with your call-to-action buttons, links and images.

Quite quickly you can identify how effective your current website and flow is received in your visitors eyes. Other types of reports include the mouse click tracking report, which you can simply identify the elements that your visitors actually click on.

Understanding what a heatmap is can be daunting at first, but after a few clicks you can easily understand your reports and start increasing sales today.

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