Website Analytics

With so many website analytics tools, it’s incredibly difficult to understand what tool to use and what sort of data you can infer from their findings, with Hoverowl we’ve made website analytics easier to understand.

A Better Way

We’ve created a better website analytics software, which is easy to understand! The issue with so many tools is that they show you a bunch of pretty graphs and charts, but what are you really looking for? What are you actually interested in? Odds are you’re interested in only a few metrics; increase sales, improve customer experience or solve business usability problems. In most of our interviews, we’ve found these to be the most important factors, yet why do no website analytics tools tell you these?

Hoverowl Is The Better Analytics Tool

We’ve taken out the confusion and show you exactly what you want; we show you exactly what your visitors do on your website. With Hoverowl you can easily watch each one of your visitors actions, what they click, pinch, zoom and swipe. With this data you can get a better understanding of how your visitors shop, make decisions and engage.

No Tech Degree Needed

You don’t need to be a technical person to understand your visitors for once, we provide website analytics in an easy to understand dashboard, no fuss, no problems. You can get started today with a Free Trial too. Give Hoverowl a test and ditch your existing website analytics tool today

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