Click Tracking Tools

Determining where your visitors click on your website can be one of the most important factors in determining what is important to them when they navigate your website. Click tracking tools can enable you to gain a laser focus on what segments of your content, images or buttons are the most important when engaging and purchasing.

So what types of technology exist to track these clicks? Hoverowl offers a suite of tools that can enable you to be able to track your website visitor clicks in seconds.

Website Visitor Recordings

When trying to measure click tracking, a visitor recording is your first tool in your belt that you can leverage to determine what sections of your website are important to your customers. You can easily watch each one of your visitors and where they click on your page and what sections they find to be important, each click is played back to you in the form of a video.

Heatmap Reports

If you’re looking for a more aggregated report of website visitor clicks on a single page, you can use the website heatmap feature of Hoverowl to view which areas users click and segment this data based on; a specific timeframe, size of the browser, specific page and much more. Tracking your visitors clicks with click tracking tools has never been easier.

Visitor Recordings, Heatmaps, Analytics & More

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