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Understanding how your visitors interact with your website can be incredibly difficult without the correct tools in place. With click tracking software, identifying visitor behaviour and focus can have a positive impact on visitor engagement and conversion rates on your website.

Value & Takeaway

So what value can we gain from using click tracking software? With the ever changing landscape of devices ranging from mobile devices, tablets and standard browsers; clicks can be measured and viewed in different ways. When viewing a playback of a visitor engagement and seeing a visitor pinch to zoom on a mobile device, you can clearly identify a portion of your website that has been deemed important by a visitor, however needs a more advanced engagement to gain that value. While a click from a mouse would show that the content is perceived to be clickable and should lead the visitor to learn more.

Identifying the user behaviour with visitor clicks on objects, images and links that do not bring a visitor to another part of your website clearly states that you have enticing content that the user would like to learn more about, this type of opportunity should be identified and acted upon to turn engaged visitors into; leads, customers and much more.

What Can I Do?

With our click tracking software you can do just that, our full scale playbacks give you absolute insight into how your visitors interact with your website and give you the ability to identify these opportunities and increase your website ROI.

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