Website Heat Map

Hoverowl’s state of the art Heatmap & Analytics tool lets you optimize your website to convert visitors into paying customers. Visitor page bounces are the reason you’re not turning those visitors into customers, by using our website heat map tool you can now findout exactly where your visitors are clicking, hovering and engaging and you can now focus on making changes to increase your conversions.

With our tool you can pinpoint engagement from all of your website visitors in one simple to understand report.

Mouse Hover Heatmap

Find out exactly where your visitors are focusing on your website, with our heatmap technology we show you in a focused colored report exactly what parts of your website is important to your visitors. You can run heatmap reports for all of your web pages that you have and find out how your visitors are actually using your website! Don’t spend another dime on marketing and sales until you have setup your heat map tool, you could be losing all your sales due to a simple website fix today!

Click Heatmap

Our click heatmap is a powerful report that shows where your visitors click on your website. Find out what is important to them and what is engaging enough that they want to learn more about. With our click heatmap you can find parts of your website that visitors are clicking on, that are not even links! Find out where your visitors are clicking and turn those clicks into sales today.

Report Dashboard

With each of our powerful features, also comes a powerful dashboard. Our reporting dashboard is simple and easy to use, breakdown your reports by device type, date and specific pages. Changed your contact button to a different color? Run a report for those dates and see if you have increased engagement.

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