Website Heat Maps, What They Are And How You're Missing Out.

If you own a website and you’ve found it to be incredibly difficult to understand why your visitors don’t buy, signup for your service or even go to the right pages, then you’re about to learn how to solve just that.

Each website is different, with different types of customers, offers, audiences and objectives. So creating a one stop solution is impossible. This is where you can use a powerful heat map tool to get data about your own website that is unique to you and no one else.

Right now, I’ll show you exactly how you can understand your website visitors better and start working on actionable progress

Website heat maps simply put, show you how your website visitors interact with your website. 100% pure data that shows how every single one of your visitors interacts with each swipe, click hover or pinch.

So What Is A Heat Map?

So you're probably asking what is a heat map? Heat maps help to track where different individuals are looking on a website. It tells you which part of the website is most viewed by your website visitors.

With the help of Heat Maps, you have the power of eye tracking technology on your website, working in seconds! So sure, you can track your visitors hovers, clicks, pinches and zooms.. yet you're probably what do I do. Increase sales is your next step, you have now gained x-ray vision into how your visitors view and interact with your website.

A heatmap report is a colorful visual display to show you quickly, what parts of your webiste are important to your visitors and what parts are well, not important.

A Heatmap Sample

website heat map

Using A Heatmap To Increase Sales

With your new insight into user behaviour, you now have infront of you the exact point your visitor decided to bounce from your website. It's now simple, view your heat maps and screen recordings and find out what they have in common.

In one example, you can find that 90% of your visitors don't even see your call to action button below the fold. You've been scratching your head for months why you're not making now know why!. Take that call to action button, move it above the fold and test to see if your visitors now convert into customers.. it's really that easy.

The heat maps make use of color in order to communicate the relationships between the values of data. These data would be very difficult if they were to be presented in a numerical way thus it is easily represented with the help of heat maps. Heat maps can be used for the view of television also.

Collective Takeaway

Leveraging a website heat map will give you insights into your visitors and customer base that no other tool can provide. Where most analytics tools fall short in giving you a deep view into user behaviour, website heat maps give you the full picture in a visually collective manner.

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