Top 15 Ways To Generate B2B Leads

B2B Lead Generation, Top 15 Ways

Availability of information in the current generation has created new and innovative marketing techniques, where marketers can utilize numerous ways to reach potential buyers especially online. One of the most innovative and dynamic marketing techniques nowadays would be the B2B lead generation, where marketers try to generate interest in certain products or services while trying to generate sales. Here are the top 15 ways that you can use for B2B lead generation.

  1. Marketing Automation

Marketing automation basically helps businesses to operate and conduct marketing more efficiently in order to generate leads, close more deals as well as handling your marketing campaigns. It is mostly used to automate tasks that are simple but repetitive such as sending emails, updating social media, and building a database. However, if done correctly, marketing automation can definitely gather more leads for your business.

  1. Social Media

Undoubtedly, social media still plays a major part in gathering leads to your website or business platform. The key trick of maximizing your social media leads is consider about your target audience and how to engage with them to generate their interests. Bear in mind that people routinely monitor their social media accounts and hence, prevent posting too much information or spamming them too often.

  1. Microsite Content Marketing

Microsites are commonly used as landing pages or hubs to accommodate search engine advertising, since it can create a very specific website, which will fulfill the need of a specific search query without having to compromise Google’s Quality Score criteria. Microsite still refers to its parent organization or business, but it is useful to provide a much more detailed and in-depth information quickly without requiring your visitors to scramble through the whole website.

  1. Exit Detection

Another method to gather and retain leads would be to utilize an “exit detection” call to action. Exit detection can be in the form of a coupon code, or a discount newsletter or simply a free one-hour trial, in which your visitors are required to submit their emails or to subscribe to your news. This way, you will still have a way to approach your visitors.

  1. Direct Email Marketing

Direct email marketing is an efficient way to generate leads. It is simple and straightforward but still an important part of gaining more leads to your site or social media. Many people still enjoy the heartfelt and personal messages manually written by business owners. So, direct email marketing will generate more leads if done correctly.

  1. eNewsletters

Similar to direct email marketing, a popular way of gaining some leads to your website and social media is through establishing periodical eNewsletters that your visitors can subscribe directly through your channels. In order to get more and more people to signup, place your newsletter subscription form not only in your website but also in all of your social media accounts.

  1. Information Forms

Information forms can really boost the lead gains on your website or social media, although it must be done as effective and as attractive as possible. Having forms that are too long will actually prevent people from buying or closing the deal, hence you may want to really consider the types of information that are necessary and difficult to obtain.

  1. Infographics

Infographics can turn a boring 10 lines paragraph containing your product information into something that is eye-glaze worthy that can catch your visitor’s attention. Infographics are also fun and easy to share both in websites and social media, which at the end of the day have a higher possibility of being viral compared to a simple chunk of plain texts.

  1. Interactive Landing Pages

A landing page that can impress your visitors in just a few second can generate significantly higher number of leads rather than just using a standard web page. It captures your visitors’ attention to their specific points of interest, and voila, they will be converted into leads very soon.

  1. Communication and Live Chat

Gaining more and more leads will not be beneficial unless you can turn them into deals and purchases. In order to do so, prepare to communicate and chat with your potential customers. Provide a communication channel or a live chat function, which will accommodate your guests’ active feedback in a timely manner.

  1. Webinars and Webcasts

Webinars and webcasts can be used to request for your visitors’ contact details, where they will be able to see the content once they have subscribed or created an account in your website. It provides exclusivity and helps generate more leads, if timed and placed properly.

  1. Organic Search Marketing

It is one of the most important strategies in gaining B2B leads. Although being at the top of Google search result would be impossible especially nowadays, Search Engine Optimization will definitely increase your business revenue by a significant amount.

  1. Sponsorships and Endorsements

Sponsorships and endorsements can generate leads to your website or social media, especially when it comes to products that are visually attractive or pleasing. Instagram sponsorships and endorsements have been popular for a while, where people with a large amount of followers are deemed as “influencers” in which they will post pictures with certain products endorsed by the company.

  1. Associations

An easy way to gather leads to your business would be through another business! Associate with other businesses that can supplement your products or services, create content together and provide a complete package rather than individual product marketing. This way, you will not only gain interest of your potential buyers, but you will also be able to create possibilities for potential buyers who did not plan to buy your products or services in the first place.

  1. Strategy Integration

An integrated marketing campaign can help you in figuring out the best way to gain leads for your business, where at the same time you can combine new fresh moves and multiple channels in order to produce an exceptional lead generation. Therefore, integrate the aforementioned different strategies together and pack them into a beautiful combination.

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