5 Ways To be Competitive In ECommerce

With the turn of the century, the trend towards online shopping has risen sharply, and the E-commerce market is steadily growing. But where growth means more business, it also means tougher competition. To survive and grow in this competitive market, businesses need to adopt clear business models and optimize their market strategies.

Visitors to the site should be able to tell how your website differs from that of other brands immediately.

Do you offer better prices? Do you have a higher quality of products? Is there free shipping?

The moment a customer clicks on your website, he/she should get an impact that how good your services are as compared to your competitors. Here are some tips to ensure you stay strong in a quickly saturating market :

Quick Page Loading Times

The most important aspect of a website is ease of use. You might want to embed videos of products or their reviews on your webpage. Or you may want to upload multiple high resolution images of the product and include a live chat feature in it.

All that is good. But it might adversely affect the loading time of your website by increasing loading times of the web pages and prove to be tiring for your customers.

Optimize Your Homepage

What is the face of your website? ..It’s the homepage! So ensure that you have a visually appealing homepage, which shows all necessary information concisely. This page gets the highest amount of traffic on a website. Creating an effective homepage can be a huge challenge. You may have hundreds or thousands of products you want to display. It is tempting to put all of them on the main page. But never do this! It will overwhelm your customers and scare them away right into the main pages of your competition!

The homepage often has the highest traffic on an e-commerce site. This single page is responsible for building trust, driving sales, and creating loyal customers.

Creating an impressive homepage can be a difficult task. If you have hundreds or thousands of merchandises in oodles of categories, it can be difficult to put together a homepage that effectively showcases your brand without being too overpowering. The first impulse is often to just throw everything that you have on the homepage, leading to a complex mess that scares customers away.

Remember that an engaging homepage provides customers information about your shipping methods, return policy, and customer services. It does not list each and every category of the products you are selling.

Instead, list widely the categories you might cater to with authentic images. Never use stock photos!

High Quality Images

Research says that websites, which use authentic, good quality images, get 94% more views than those, which do not. This fact holds primary importance when it comes to e-commerce websites.

The products, which you are selling, must be displayed with a zoom feature for each. All the views must be visible, and if the product comes in different colors, put up pictures of all of them! Customers like to see what they are buying, and placing stock images of the products just might not give them the confidence to proceed with the transaction.

Know Your Problems

Be responsive to your clients’ changing wants and needs. Carry out customer surveys with offers of free coupons or small discounts for the customer. This will help you stay abreast of the competition and know the market trends directly through the customers’ minds. Then spend a significant amount of time analyzing that data. If you feel there is something wrong with your website, find out what it is, how it can be corrected and what changes are to be made. Then make them.

For example, you might have different websites for the mobile or desktop and that may be turning your customers away. Using one codebase is a simple solution to this conundrum, which is being adopted by more and more businesses every day!

Add Security Seals

The number one concern customers have in online transactions is giving up their bank account information and credit card details. If these are stolen, they will suffer grave consequences. Adding security badges to your website can help allay these concerns.

When the firms Conversion IQ and Actual Insights conducted studies about which security badges helped convert most customers and helped them gain confidence in a business, they came up with the results that McAfee Secure and Norton Secured VeriSign were the clear winners. So be sure to include them in your website!

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