Website Heat Maps - How They Increase Sales

website heat map

So you're trying to figure out why your website isn't converting visitors into customers? It's a problem that we all find ourselves in at one point. It seems like you're dumping thousands of dollars into advertising, social media and marketing..yet no results. This is where a website heat map comes into play.

All to often we rely on google analytics to give us the raw details about what's happening on our websites, while it's a great tool, it often does not tell us the Why the visitors are not converting into sales.

This is where a website heat map comes into play. Implementing a website heat map will quickly show you where your visitors are focusing on and where they are not. With this treasure trove of in depth detail you can make decisions to change your website to make it convert faster and more often.

What can I really take away from a Website Heat Map?

Take our page for example, the focus on our website on the pricing page has a large focus on our FAQ section. It's incredibly important to know that the website visitors that come to our website are very interested to learn more about the product and may have some questions that we have not fully covered on some other pages.

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