Top ECommerce Platforms Comparison

Ecommerce markets have grown enormously. Several platforms are present for customer choice. Each one is loaded with a plethora of features and competes with others very fiercely. The customers should select the ecommerce platforms based on the SEO facilities they provide. The top 3 Ecommerce platforms are Shopify, BigCommerce and BigCartel. When it comes to Ecommerce platforms, their reputation is the first parameter that makes a customer choose them. Then comes ease of use and attractive layouts. Most of these Ecommerce platforms are provided by top hosting companies to their customers for free or a minimal cost. They provide numerous easy tools to create websites in a few easy clicks.


Shopify is the king of Ecommerce platforms. They have a very strong marketing team which takes it to the right target customers at a very affordable cost. The major advantage of Shopify is its ability to sustain customers and grow continuously. However, off late they are losing customers considerably to BigCommerce, Weebly eCommerce and Big Cartel at a consistent basis. The lack of new features and aggressive marketing from the above mentioned companies are the reason for this backup. Shopify acts as a very effective Ecommerce platform as it provides all thinkable facilities to the customers.


BigCommerce, the greatest competitor to Shopify does not have any technical jargons. Each field is self explanatory. They explain clearly what each field is mean for. The users are guided step by step in each step. On the other hand changing the selected layout of the company is quite confusing and hard. The layout changing process is simply outdated. The drag and drop editor is good, but cannot be termed as the best in the market. There is no necessity to know HTML or CSS coding to use BigCommerce. But, you can customize the layouts if you have better knowledge in them. They have a dashboard as advanced and easy to use as Shopify. It is their greatest plus point and most customer love the ease of use of the dashboard with minimal features.

Big Cartel

Big Cartel loses customers to Shopify as well as gain them. It is not considered as a major competitor for Shopify and BigCommerce, but a potential threat. Their major advantage is the user-friendly startup area. The Get Started page is quite simple. No extra frills. It is similar to Google home page with the simplest layout. The greatest weakness is their lack of drag and drop editor. The designing tools are weak. But, it is a great platform for people with good coding knowledge. Big Cartel is best suitable for people with lots of customization needs. They make extensive use of this Ecommerce platform.


There are many more impressive Ecommerce platforms like 3D cart, Magneto, Weebly eCommerce and Amazon Webstore. Each of them is a great competition to Shopify. But, the high reputation of Shopify and its enormous popularity among novice website builders serve as great word of mouth advertisement for it making Shopify the greatest Ecommerce platform as of now.

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