Reduce E-Commerce Cart Abandonment With Exit Intent

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How to Increase 90% profits with Exit Intent Pop-ups?

Survey indicates nearly 92% of shoppers use online coupons to buy products. Customers get greater satisfaction when they are given an offer which prevents cart abandonment rate considerably. Exit intent pop ups are a great way to prevent a customer from leaving the website without purchasing the product or signing up for the service. Frequent internet users are well aware about pop ups which occur right when they are about to leave the website. These messages will have some messages like, “Wait. Don’t leave the page. We will give you a special coupon if you purchase the product now.”

Ecommerce and Exit Intent Pop-up’s

Such messages play a great role when it comes to preventing cart abandonment. People usually browse an ecommerce page or a website because they are interested in the service. At some point they decide to quit either because it is either too costly or they feel it is not as worthy as the hype. The exit intent technology aims in changing the mentality of the customers by offering them special discounts. For example, a person exiting an ecommerce site might get a special 30% discount if they register with them. This will prompt the customer to buy another cheap product using the discount even if they don’t buy the actual product they are browsing. Cart abandonment is converted into sales here.

Some websites use the exit intent technology to collect the customers’ email ids and use effective email marketing strategies to make them their regular customers. Even if a customer does not buy a product or sign up for a service, they visit the website regularly clicking on the attractive email ads. This prompts them to buy once in a while and the company gets a regular valuable customer. They use the number of such quality customers to increase their ad revenue.

Major Players in the Industry

There are several exit intent popup providing companies in the market like OptiMonster is one of their major competitors. Picreel is another famous WordPress Plugin which is a favorite for Shopify users. These companies offer various types of exit intent pop-ups based on the target customers. is by far the most affordable and effective exit intent technology provider. OptiMonster is catching up fast with them. The price packages of GetRooster starts from $49 for 5000 page views and continues to higher packages. OptiMonster offers packages varying from $69 and ranging up to $399.

Pros and Cons of Exit Intent Technology

The major advantage of using exit intent pop-ups is marketing and better customer service. Websites do benefit from it, but the customers might feel they are being forced to buy the products some time. These companies try various techniques like making the close button of the pop-up appear later to making the call to action button very catchy. For example, QuickSprout a SEO blog’s exit intent call to action button reads “Yes I want to increase my website traffic”, “I don’t care about my traffic”. Such persuasive sentences get interpreted as aggressive marketing. Customers feel the product is being pushed upon them which hinder the genuine image of the website.

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