Using Optimizely For A/B Testing Your Website

optimizely ab testing

A/B testing, multivariate testing and building effective landing pages have all become the latest hype of the internet marketing. Several ecommerce stores want to implement these technologies in their site owing to their impressive conversion rate. But, there aren’t enough experts to provide such services. Even huge ecommerce stores struggle to get hold of experts to conduct effective A/B testing. Optimizely is a boon for such companies. Started by former Google project leaders Dan Siroker and Pete Koomen, Optimizely is already serving more than 7,000 enterprises within a few years of their launch. Dan Siroker got to experiment with multivariate testing while working in Obama's presidential campaign. He found out mixing and matching various objects in a poster or an email marketing ad can cause wonderful effects. He soon partnered with Pete Koomen and started offering the same services to the website.

You can signup for Optimizely for free under their free campaign and get started. It segments fractions of codes related to website designing like background color, picture, text presentation and the audio and create multiple versions of them. Each multivariate version is tested with various target groups and the most effective one is presented to the website owner. Optimizely requires basic coding knowledge to be installed. Website owners with little knowledge in coding can do it. But, most offer to hire a consultant capable of doing it effectively. Different versions of the same website with completely unique layouts are created and rolled out. The one which earns the maximum number of sales is recommended for further usage. Constant innovation when it comes to design and presentation makes the viewers feel like they are visiting a new website every day.

Optimizely is created with the sole of aim of increasing the sales on a website. So, it does not hinder the speed of the website in any way. It can be integrated with other analytical services like Google Analytics to give seamless reports in a very short time. They are easily able to handle websites with millions of views per page owing to their dedicated servers. They are hosted using Akamal, a renowned content delivery network. Clear reports regarding monthly visitors, unique valuable visitors and what they like including clear website heatmaps are presented to the enterprises at a very affordable cost. They work close with several other reputed website analytics team like Adobe Omniture SiteCatalyst and keep the Optimizely codes relatively short.

Optimizely is not the only company affording such services. But, they have certainly set the standard for A/B testing and multivariate testing. The usage of landing pages became popular only after they made the A/B testing concept quite famous. Their innovativeness and sheet planning in gathering all useful data regarding improving customer call to action had led to a new field called conversion rate optimization which will rule the internet marketing world in the next decade like SEO or Search Engine Optimization do in the present.

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