How To Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics Tricks & Tips Visitors are the most vital part of a business and it is important to manage them properly to achieve success in business. So you need to have a record of the visitors whether it is a start up or a well settled business and this is where Google Analytics comes in great help. This is the coolest and free tool using which you can measure the success of the marketing efforts. But to get the best out of it, you should follow some tips and I am discussing the most useful tricks here. Learning how to use google analytics can be tough, but here are some simple instructions on getting the most out of Google Analytics.  Generate goals Generating goals in Google Analytics is very crucial and this can be generated by going to admin>Goals> New goals. Tracking the Conversion matters a lot for the website and this is the main important goal for most of the websites. Google offers many templates to choose from that are especially for conversion tracking and once the first goal is set up, you can easily monitor the progress of conversion. Create A Dashboard Monitoring the overall progress or creating a consistent report can never be neglected, if your aim is to manage the visitors in right way. You can experience this overall progress perfectly by creating dashboard in the Google Analytics. To do so, head to Dashboard> New Dashboard and your dashboard will be created. Select a template from many options available and it will let you add uncounted widgets starting from standard to real time data projection. Integrate Google Webmaster Tools with Google Analytics account Google webmaster tool can offer you all those features that are not available in the Google analytics. So it is highly recommended to integrate the Google webmaster tool account with the Google Analytics tool. Integrating both the account will allow you access to many important information such as impression data, manual spam actions, index issues, organic search keyword impression and click data. Also reports like Queries, Landing Pages, and Geographical Summary will be easily accessible to you when connected with Web master tool. Determine the download speed The download speed of any pages in your website has a great impact on the traffic. The speed plays an important role to create huge traffic and in the SEO ranking, so it is always better to check the download speed of your website. The speed metrics can be measured by going to the Behavior> Site Speed> Overview or else go to the Behavior > Site Speed > Page Timings to check the performance of every page. Check for the browsers differences Your website performs differently for different website if it is configured based on the browsers. Google Analytics allow its users to check the bounce rate and load time of each browser so that the users can do the needful. To check this, head to Audience> Technology> Browser>OS and you will be shown all the details. If you find out any browser with poor data, this might be the result of formatting issue or loading error. Segment the audiences There might be different types of target audiences of your website and it is vital to segment the audience group based on various factors such as age, gender, location, traffic source, user behavior, language etc. and you can make the required changes based on that. To segment the audience group, head to admin> select segment and create the segments to define your audience.   Google Analytics can be a very powerful tool to use as part of your analytics suite, yet learning how to use Google Analytics can take a bit of a learning curve, we will cover more advanced articles on analytics to help you get the most out of. 

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