Fixing Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping Cart Abandonment

Nearly 65% of the customers abandon shopping carts because they are frustrated by the time the payment gets processed. Most of the internet users browse for fun and time pass. They try to buy a product attracted by the advertisements rather than sheer need. They want a swift and quick process which can make online shopping all the more easier. But, what they experience is a plethora of roadblocks from the time they click on the buy now button. Some of the major reasons for shopping cart abandonment as noted by the major customer surveys are

  1. Hidden charges which get added to the bill. Customers expect a honest amount to be displayed

  2. Discount coupons which do not deduct the promised amount

  3. Shopping rewards point which does not get applicable to the product as promised

  4. Extremely sophisticated payment process pages which asks for too many information

  5. Most customers like a guest checkout option. They do not like to register and remember the password and username details of every company they purchase products with

  6. Tricky shopping carts placed at the end of the page are out of fashion. Modern customers expect a shopping cart under each and every product in the landing page

  7. Customers hate the unwanted pop-ups which keep urging them to buy related products delaying the payment procedure

These reasons are common ones listed from a consumer point of view. Market analysts say a person will try to buy the product no matter how hard it is if they are properly attracted to it. This can be done by sending emails to the customers about the product, providing special discounts for them when they try to leave the page and deducting the shipment for the products the customer eyes constantly but is reluctant to buy. The most irking reason for shopping cart abandonment pointed out by the analysts is the time consuming payment procedure.

Efforts to minimize the process like paying through mobile apps are becoming increasingly famous. Several technical companies are trying hard to improve the payment services for the customer and make it a more secure one. Here are a few steps to completely avoid shopping cart abandonment

  • A pop-up allowing a customer to chat with an agent or talk to them directly should appear when they try to abandon the cart. The person responding should be capable of solving the customer’s problem. The customers can be asked a feedback regarding what is the reason for abandonment. The most frequent can be tracked and fixed.

  • Ecommerce websites should come forward to invest in proper infrastructure like dedicated hosting and high class software which provides a quick and secured banking experience for the customer. Details given once should be stored properly without requesting the customers to re-enter them frequently for example, credit card details.

  • The customers abandoning buying because of the added hidden costs should be offered free shipping or discounts to make them buy more. The agent they talk should be able to lure them into buying the product through such discounts.

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