Google Analytics Setup Guide

If you have a business website, it would be great for you to know how many people visited it, as well as much other information. To get that information, you may consider getting some web analytic service. Today, the most widely used web analytic service online is Google Analytics. It was launched in November 2005 and it is a combination of Urchin on Demand, which Google bought in April same year, with some other programs and ideas.

With Google Analytics, you can track landing page quality and goals. They may include sales, visits to a certain page, downloading of some file and similar. It can also give you information about people who visited a page, such as where are they from, how long they stayed, and things they were looking at and so on. If you want to add Google Analytics to your website, there are few simple steps to follow.

1. You will need a Google account first. If you don't have it, create one. It is very easy and simple to do. Then sign up to Google Analytics with your username and password. When you visit it for the first time, you will have to fill the form with some data, such the name of your website, your country and time zone, as well as some contact information. Accept the user agreement, but make sure to read it first.

2. Once you did it, a page will open with the tracking code for your website. It is an HTML you have to copy and paste on every page you want a statistics.

3. Go to the website you want to track and copy paste the tracking code to the HTML of your web page before the closing head tag.

4. Make sure that your tracking code works. To do so, go back to the Google Analytics. Select the required account, go to Edit and then click on Check Status. Tracking will start working within 24 hours.

5. Google Analytics will gather plenty of information and it can be overwhelming, especially if you are new in this. That is why you should think about what data you need and what data might be useful to you and your business.

6. It will take some time before you can get relevant information. Of course, as the time passes, there will be more information and they will be more relevant. If you want to check your statistics, go to the Overview in the Behavior section. There you can find some basic information, such as the number of visits, how long do they stay and so on. You can watch and customize your dashboard to fit your needs. You can also create specific goals for your website and then follow how they are accomplished.

Google Analytics is a very interesting and useful tool for everybody who owns a landing page and wants to know how many people visited that page and some other information about it. If you set up your parameters well, you can find out much useful information and use them to enhance the looks and quality of your page and your business as well.

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