5 Landing Page Optimization Tips

A landing page is a website you can see when you click on an advertisement or a link which is a result of a search engine request. This page should provide more details or information about the requested link or advertisement. Landing Page Optimization (LPO in short) is a process of creating a landing page which is interesting and attractive to the targeted audience. The final goal of this process is increasing the number of visitors and customers. There are many ways to do an LPO. Major types of LPO can be based on targeting or on experimentation. Major LPO types based on targeting are:

1) Target Your Customers

Associative content targeting. This type uses information about the visitors search criteria, geographic information about source traffic and other generic information which may be used for consumer segmentation.

Predictive content targeting. Previously known information about the visitor, such as previous buying and browsing information, personal demographic information and so on are used to adjust the content of the page.

Consumer-directed targeting. Public information such as rating, tagging, reviews, and referrals are used to adjust a landing page.

2) Landing Page Experimentation

Closed-ended experimentation. Various versions of the landing page are placed in front of the consumers and based on their behavior, the best solution is chosen.

Open-ended experimentation. This is similar to closed-ended experimentation, but there are more variations in offered pages and the experiment is not ended when the best solution is chosen.

3) What's the sell? Call To Action? USP?

Before you start creating a landing page, there are several questions you should answer. First of all, think about what are you offering to people. What is the reason people should take what you offered to them and why they can't live without it? And finally, how can people get what you offered to them? The good landing page should answer to all those questions.

4) Looks Do Matter

With a landing page, looks really do matter. The page needs to be easy to navigate and clearly state the USP to the customer. You can take a shot at creating your own, or using one of the great landing page tools out there such as : Unbounce, Hubspot or Leadpages

5) Get The Word Out

Getting the word out to the word about your great new landing page is important and there are multiple mediums to do so and optimize your landing page.

Online advertising. You can do things such as joining listing sites, get some pay-per-click package or connect with web affiliates.

Social media are among the most used web contest, so try to be present and active there. You may try to run a contest or even pay ads if you think it will help to promote your business. Try to write a blog.

Direct contact with the customers. Keep a register of the customers and potential customers to stay in touch with them.

All in all getting started with landing page optimization can really increase conversions and sales on your landing page. It's about the little things, sometimes life's little tweaks return large results. So get out there and make a difference!

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