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 Upsell Your Customers

AI Powered Upselling - Hoverowl finds the products that your customers want, and suggests to bundle them with their existing order.

 Increase Orders

Increase Average Order Size - With Hoverowl you will increase your average order size, resulting in higher sales month over month.

 Full Automation

Powerful AI Automation - Hoverowl does all the work, so you don't have to. With one-click our software is running to increase your Shopify sales.

AI Powered Product Suggestions

We use Powerful AI to go through your product catalog and find related products that your customers want to purchase.

 AI Related Products

With our powerful Related Products showcase, our AI robots find the perfect matches for your customers.

 Smart Product Suggestions

With our highly targeted product suggestions, we find exactly what your customers want and suggest it to them on each product page.

shopify increase sales

Convert Abandoning Visitors

With our powerful exit-intent technology, we know when your visitor is about to leave your store and offers them the exact product they want

shopify increase sales

 Smart Exit Intent

With our smart exit intent technology we can determine when your visitors will leave and show them the perfect product to have them stay.

 Never Miss A Sale

With majority of visitors leaving your website without making a purchase Hoverowl uses AI to convert those visitors into customers.

Smart Personalized Emails

Automatically send personalized emails to your customers, suggesting products that our AI has determined they would be interested in.

 Increase Repeat Sales

With our powerful email technology, we suggest products to your past customers, turning old customers into new buyers.

 Boost Brand Engagement

Our product suggestion technology is the best way to remind your customers of your brand and your products.

shopify email product suggestions

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